ILMIS Media Coverage

The ILMIS Project has received wide coverage in television and print media. The Swahili language national newspapers Mwananchi, Uhuru, Nipashe and HabariLeo have all reported extensively on the ILMIS project along with the English language national newspapers. The Citizen, The Guardian, and The Daily News have carried news stories and feature articles about the project.

Four national television networks comprising Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC), ITV, Star TV and Channel Ten have also broadcast extensive reports on the visit by the Minister of Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development (MLHHSD) to the National Information Centre (NLIC) on the 27 November 2017 as well as reporting stories about activities of the project including the capacity building workshop on 24 November 2017. TBC is currently working on documentary on the Project which should run on various television networks in February 2018.

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